BetterTTV enhances Twitch with new features, bug fixes, and reduced clutter.


for another browser

Chat Tweaks

Blacklist spam

Chat field history

Highlight words and phrases

Resizeable (drag-able) chat

Show or remove deleted messages

Split chat lines and paragraph indentation

Unban all users with /massunban

Username color calculation (prevents hard-to-read names)

Username tab completion

And much more!

Broadcast Dashboard

Prioritizes chat, and auto-updates channel statistics

Darken Twitch

A slick, grey theme which will make you love Twitch even more


On-site and desktop notifications when people send you messages, mention you in chat, and when channels you follow go live

You may notice that extension versions are not the version listed above.

Do not panic!

The browser extensions are always behind what the released version is. BetterTTV is loaded from a content distribution network anytime Twitch is loaded in your browser, so you always have the latest version. You can check the BetterTTV Settings' "About" tab to verify your version.

Version 6.8R8
  • Added TwitchCast support (toggle in settings)
  • Fixed dropdown CSS in CS:GO directory
  • Fixed linkified URLs for channel statuses
  • Fixed auto-updater for current game being played in channels
  • Fixed issue with chat textareas (when multiple textareas on page)
  • Fixed forced scroll when joining channels
  • Fixed @name highlighting
  • Fixed small nav coloring
Version 6.8R7
  • More dashboard fixes
Version 6.8R6
  • Fixed, cleaned and improved dashboard
  • Fixed invisible name changing
  • Fixed buttons on vod pages
  • Fixed long names in sidebar
  • Fixed .media tld
  • Various styling and other improvements
Version 6.8R5
  • Improved nicknames features
  • Fixed some styling issues
  • Fixed textarea input issues
Version 6.8R4
  • Update alert highlights to only activate when out of tab
  • Add support for Twitch's "host mode"
  • Twitch Chat Emotes upgrade